Early Dentists and Art

Early Dentists and Art

The Bridge Between Dentistry And Art Dentistry and art are not something that you might consider to go hand-in-hand, but there is a strong link between the two throughout history. Whether it is from the early use of teeth in jewelry or in early paintings to modern prints of dentists and fearful patients and the power of a Hollywood smile. Since the Egyptian times there has been a link between early dentists and art.

Dental art is something that depicts teeth or dentistry in a unique and artistic way. Of course we all know that dentistry isn’t exactly a common theme in fine art but there is an ever-growing demand for these pieces to be documented, whether it be etchings from early dentist schools, to illustrations of procedures. A lot of these images might not be characterised as art by some because of their practical purposes, but with time they become incredibly interesting pieces that are not only beautiful but are also grounded in a practicality that our modern dentistry has evolved from making them well worth sharing.

Art is subjective after all and the fact that it is hard to define means that everything can be characterised as â€art’ in one-way or another. Who can’t say paintings of dentists looming over their patients conjures up emotions in us and this is what art is supposed to stir in us…to make us feel and react.

Dentists have long strived to create beauty and perfection in their work and a smile is a true reflection of a person, making it even worthier in the world of art. So whether you are a dentist and you have an interest in how teeth have played a part in culture and art throughout the ages, or you just appreciate unique and interesting pieces, art has played an interesting part in dentistry throughout many cultures.

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